Magic Phone Ring more info.

  • How to video below.

Kickstand –

The outer ‘ring’ swivels to a 45° angle, allowing it to hold your phone at an angle for easy viewing of videos, movies, tv shows, etc.

Ring –

Just open the kickstand ring and it can be used to hold your phone or device comfortably.

Finger Lanyard –

Slip your finger into the finger lanyard and it will be impossible for you to drop your phone. 

This will allow you to be completely and 100% HANDS FREE. Carry your coffee or drink and still have your phone ready at all times.

Wireless Charging –

Simple push the button at the top of the base, and the finger lanyard disengages. Pull it out and lay your phone on your wireless charger to start charging immediately.

Once charged, the finger lanyard snaps back into place on your phone.

Magnetic Hands Free –

The Magic Phone Ring is made from metal. And will attach to ANY magnet. Weather it’s an air vent magnet in your car or a button magnet on a wall or mirror or any other convenient location. Whenever you want to keep your phone in eye view, simple put the unit on the magnet and it will be HANDS FREE.

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