Promotional Letter Openers

Customizable and Imprinted Letter Opener With Your Logo and/or Message




















Personalize Letter Openers with Your Logo

Modern letter openers no longer resemble the stodgy, knife-like tools that your grandfather might have used to open his “correspondence.”
These days, savvy business owners are more apt to use a letter opener as a clutch promotional tool to increase their brands’ visibility and drive their sales “up and to the right.”
To avoid falling behind the times, follow suit with your own personalized engraved letter opener order that’s sure to improve your image and grow your customer base.

Unlike your grandfather’s letter-opening tools, these letter openers are constructed from durable plastic and built to last.
No matter how many envelopes your customers eventually open with your customized letter opener, they’ll enjoy the same reliable performance as always.

What’s more, these tools are multi-functional. In addition to their reliable cutting power, some sport rulers, finger grips and stencils as well.
These added functions ensure that your business’s promotional letter openers will remain in active use for days at a time.

As if their durability weren’t attractive enough, these letter openers are also surprisingly affordable.

Before you send your order through, take the time to customize your device with your company’s logo, contact information, slogan and more.
These fully personalized letter openers are a great way to introduce your brand to a wider range of customers and vendors.
To get your message to the general public, hand out your branded openers at trade conventions, corporate events and marketing meet-ups.
Alternatively, you can stash a few in a basket at your front desk or distribute a whole boatload at your next customer appreciation celebration.

Turn an everyday task into a live-action commercial for your business with these exciting, affordable letter openers.
With so many ways to customize these simple yet visible devices, you’ll be kicking yourself for not ordering them sooner.
To throw your business’s marketing plan into high gear, review your promotional letter opener options and take a few minutes to customize your selection according to your business’s needs. When you’re ready, just place your order and get ready to take your sales to the next level.

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