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7 Unusual But Effective Promotional Products
Recommended by Industry’s Top Experts

Promotional products are items that are given away by companies to promote a brand or the name of the company. They may be regular products of a company promoting them or custom products that carry a logo and a company’s name. The concept is to have something to be given away for a wider exposure of a brand.One good example of a promotional product is a towel given away by big hotels. They are not selling towels, but these towels have the logos and names of the hotels. Another example is a pen given away by airline companies. On the other hand, some pharmaceutical companies may give away samples of their products, and these are also considered promotional products.If you are an entrepreneur, and you want to promote your brand, you can choose some cheaper items like cheap printed USB flash drives or one of the other products that are recommended by Industry’s top experts.

1. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are one of the most popular items being used as promotional products today. It’s big enough to display the name of your product or company so everyone can see it on those rainy days. It can also be repeated used for a long time thereby making people recall your brand.

2. Coffee mugs

Another popular and effective promotional product item is a coffee mug. Coffee lovers will surely remember your brand every morning. If your business is a coffee shop, this is a much better item to give away to your customers as it promotes loyalty. Most coffee shops use this item as a promotional product.

3. T-Shirts

If your target market is the economy segment, giving away T-shirts with the logo of your company or with the name of your product is still effective. Most customers in the economy segment can easily be proud of a certain brand they like. As a result, they are happy to wear T-shirts with such a brand and who doesn’t like free clothes?

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4. Hats

One way to let other people promote your brand is to give away hats with your logo on them. Many people like wearing hats, but most of them don’t bother going to the market to buy them. However, when you give away such items, they will surely use them every day.

5. Toys

Toys for kids don’t have to be expensive to be used as promotional items. The advantage of giving away toys as promotional items is the parents will always remember your brand whenever their children play with such toys. Parents love their children, and your brand may become part of this emotional grid.

6. Key chains

Just about everyone drives to work every day or has a spare set of keys that they use somewhere. Key chains that bare your logo can make a lasting impact on a person as it pulls them in upon that brand over and over again sparking curiosity to what your company offers.

7. Car window blinds

When you park your car under the sun, you would probably put some window blinds on your car’s windshield to reduce the heat. You can give away such items so that your brand may also be advertised in every parking area.

There are a lot of items you can use as promotional products. The above items are some of the most effective items that are used by many companies today. By giving away promotional items, people who receive such items will help you expose your brand to others.

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