Gaiter Cooling Face Mask Bandana

Product #: iGB-101  |  For: Staying cool & keeping safe

Wholesale breathable face covering & gaiter

This will help protect you against the

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Virus

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17.7″ L x 9.85″ W
0.96 oz.
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Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
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Reusable & Washable
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Master Carton:

  • Weight: 14.33 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 22.83” x 14.96” x 14.96”
  • 40 box(es) per master carton

Factory Neck Gaiter 2.0 & Face Mask

Our neck gaiters, sometimes called a buff, are multi-functional seamless tubes of stretchy cotton fabric. You can wear them as a face cover, bandanna, a beanie, or helmet liner. You can even twist them up and use them as a hair scrunchy.

The neck gaiter (a.k.a. face shield mask) is one of the most versatile survival accessories.

So which is it? Neck gaiter or face shield?
It’s kind of bott, but it’s also not quite either.

Traditionally a “face shield” was a large plastic see-through device used in police riots or chemical cleanups.

While the term “neck gaiter” is normally thought of as a cold-weather alternative to a scarf.

It’s more of a face shield mask/neck gaiter/survival bandana combination.

Regardless of what we call it – these pieces of cloth are essential for survival, preparedness, and outdoor adventures.

Technically speaking, a neck gaiter is an article of clothing worn about the neck for warmth.

It is a closed tube of fabric, often thick fleece, merino wool, synthetic wicking, or cotton knit material. It can be slipped on and off over the head. And it can also be pulled up over the mouth to keep out wind and sand.

It’s simply a swath of cloth worn around your neck to protect it from wind, sun, debris.

But it can also be easily lifted over your mouth and/or nose. This helps to protect your face from dirt, debris, bugs, dust, or easy identification….

Our neck gaiter has come a long way over the years. As textiles have become more synthetic, and more breathable, neck gaiters have become more comfortable.

And with the advancement in printing technologies, you can get one in a color or design that feels like “YOU”.

Our Ultimate Coverage masks were created to protect against 98% of UVA/UVB rays and are essential for those seeking serious sun protection.